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"Caves of Fire" - An Introduction to Hawaii and its Lava Caves

A short film by the Winster Cavers

"Caves of Fire" is the latest short film from the Winster Cavers / Mount View Studios camp.

Produced in an "edutainment" style, this educational and entertaining film introduces the Big Island of Hawai'i, its geological setting, and one of its more unusual features - an extensive network of lava tubes.

If you represent a local (Derbyshire) not-for-profit organisation, such as a local history group, U3A group, etc, and would like to see the full film, please feel free to contact us (we do ask for donation to cover our petrol costs, equipment and time).

Approximate running time: 32 mins

Caves of Fire - a video presentation on the Lava Caves of Hawaii - released February 2009
Caves of Fire features stunning footage of the Kilauea Eruption in September 2008

"Caves of Fire" includes beautiful footage of the Kalapana Ocean Entry - where lava was flowing through lava tubes into the ocean - and of the then relatively new vent in the Halema'uma'u Crater.

The shot shown here clearly shows the "littoral" explosions that occur as red hot lava makes contact with the ocean.

Caves of Fire explains the geological setting of the Hawaiian Islands.

Through a series of computer animations, "Caves of Fire" explains the geological setting  and creation of the Hawaiian islands above the mid-Pacific volcanic hotspot.

Explained also is the speleogenesis of the many and varied lava tubes found on the island, contrasted with the formation of limestone caverns as found in many other parts of the world.

A lava Speleothem within a Hawaiian Lava Tube.

Stunning photography introduces the unusual speleothems / lava formations found in the lava tubes of Hawaii.

We examine the curious way in which these rare and beautiful stalagmites and stalactites came into being, and compare them with the formation of the limestone speleothems more familiar to the average caver/speleologist and tourist.

"Caves of Fire" is available for purchase on DVD in standard (PAL) definition or in glorious Blu-ray® High Definition video.

Purchase 'Caves Of Fire' on standard definition DVD

"Caves Of Fire" is available on standard definition DVD as PAL 19:6 (widesceen) format. Standard definition DVDs cost just £12.00 each (includes UK P&P)

Purchase 'Caves Of Fire' on High Definition Blu-ray DVD

If you've got High Definition TV, "Caves Of Fire" is available on Blu-ray Disc (1080p format) - a truly stunning way to view. Blu Ray DVDs cost just £17.00 each (includes UK P&P)