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Indonesian volcano adventure video - Part 8 - Gunung Bromo

14 days volcano trekking in Java, Indonesia

In 2011 the Winster Cavers spent 14 days volcano trekking in Indonesia, starting at Anak Krakatau off of the West Coast of Java, and traversing the entire island to finish on Bali.

We've split the 50 minute film of the whole adventure into a series of short films, one for each volcano/cave we visited. Enjoy!

Part 8 - Gunung Bromo

Sunrise at the beautiful Gunung Bromo has to be one of the most photogenic (and most photographed!) sites in Indonesia. The eruption of January 2010 spread huge amounts of volcanic ash across the enormous Tengger Massif caldera, turning the green savannah into an ashy wilderness.

The 2010 eruption obliterated the path around the crater rim, but the now-ash-covered steps still remain. Climbing these to gain the views across the caldera, and down into the immense, steaming crater is a fantastic experience.